About us

The company is headed by a team of strong senior engineers and trained professionals, who have carried the company to the forefront in this field of hydraulic fittings and coupling technology.

The personal in-depth knowledge and experience, of its founder is what that lead to the development of this company in a big way. Over the years this small company has developed to be a key player in this industry and its service has become widely known. Our experience and dedication to this hydraulics industry has lead us to concentrate our efforts on precision, the most important aspect for quality spares.

We constantly strive to be innovative in this field of hydraulic systems which has resulted in us remaining strong and thus becoming a vital link to many industries. We always commit to any job and ensure our clients - quality, timely delivery and hassle free support. We strongly believe in working alongside our clients.

Our Vision

To be a world-class innovative and creative organization driven by effective leadership and workforce to provide innovative products and value added services that constantly meet and exceed customers needs and expectations in global niche markets.

Our Mission

Striving for business and quality excellence in nth long run, to ensure long-term growth and profitability, and efficiency in providing products and services to customers at the lowest cost.


What we do

We provide services such as load test of lifting equipment & lifeboat davits using water bags and calibrated load cells. We have the experience, equipment and capacity to conduct load test up to 1250 tons. Our team of experienced riggers and supervisors is ever ready to work round the clock, 7 days a week to meet our customers/vessels requirements.

Type of services

Rental of Equipment

We offer a wide range of  water bags and load cells and other load testing equipment for rental.

Swaging & Splicing

Machine splicing with our in-house swaging presses up to 600 Tonnes. Manual splicing done by our team of experienced riggers.

Rigging Works

Removal & Installation of wire ropes for cranes, winches, lifeboat davits, etc. using our coiling machine with back tension.

Load Testing

We can conduct on-site / off-site load testing for mobile cranes, maritime cranes, davits, hoist, slings, shackles and spreader beams etc. We have a variety and range of calibrated load cells, shackles and hooks for all types of testing configuration. All tests can be certified to existing industrial safety standards. We have a wide range of Water bags and certified counter-weights.

Lift Fixture Test

Our Test Bed is capable of testing up to 600 Tones. Our Test Bed calibration is traceable to DNV.

Periodic Inspection

Professional inspection report finding of lifting devices to enable customer to correct problems before equipment failure occurs. The inspections can be done on-site or at our premises. A full report of inspection and bill can be issued to meet existing safety standards.

General Maintenance

Services to prolong life span of wire rope & fittings: Our crew of experienced riggers can extend the life span of your ropes and fittings by rotating the point of stress and lubrication of moving parts. This can be backed up by our engineering workshop to repair / replace worn out parts.


Fabrication of custom-built lifting equipment and components to suit customers’ lifting application.

Rigging Equipment

We also supply a whole range of rigging devices such as turnbuckles , chains, eye plates, stud link chain, all type of shackles, assorted multiple sheaves block, chain blocks, manila, polypropylene and nylon ropes etc.